Ultra comfortable ultimate relaxation pet bed - Taxes included - Up to 50% off

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  • Up to 50% off your choice of ultra comfortable ultimate relaxation pet bed - Taxes included
  • OPTION #1: EXTRA SMALL - $18.99 for a 40-cm pet bed (compared value of $24.44 - 45% off) - Taxes included
  • OPTION #2: SMALL - $24.99 for a 50-cm pet bed (compared value of $45.98 - 46% off) - Taxes included
  • OPTION #3: MEDIUM - $34.99 for a 60-cm pet bed (compared value of $57.48 - 48% off) - Taxes included
  • OPTION #4: LARGE - $34.99 for a 70-cm pet bed (compared value of $68.97 - 49% off) - Taxes included
  • OPTION #5: EXTRA LARGE - $39.99 for a 80-cm pet bed (compared value of $80.47 - 50% off) - Taxes included
  • 5 colours available: Brown, Pink, White, Grey and Black
  • Helps fight animal anxiety by creating a sense of security that promotes calm, relaxation and deeper sleep
  • The raised rim is ideal for your little furball to rest their head in utmost comfort
  • Offers good neck and joint support as well as a well-deserved muscle pain relief
  • A personal space for your cat or dog so they can withdraw at their will, thus manifesting their need for independency
  • Keeps an ideal temperature all year long
  • Made with long vegan synthetic fur that's so soft it could be a baby blanket
  • Machine washable: quick and easy to care for
  • Taxes included
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  • Care instructions: Machine washable on gentle cycle / Tumble dry low temp

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