DIY paint by diamonds kit - Taxes included - 53% off

DIY paint by diamonds kit - 53% off offered on

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What you get 

  • 53% off your choice of DIY paint by diamonds kit - Taxes included
  • 14 canvases available: Star Wars, Lavender flower vase, Rainbow elephant, Vintage cow, Heron inlet, Time to strike, Eagle on bark, Sunday drive, All is bright, The hunter, African safari, Jungle scene, Scret temple and Still life with fruit
  • Each set includes: 1x adhesive framed canvas with film covering, 1x number-coded coloured round bead set, 1x application tool, 1x adhesive pad, and 1x plastic tray to hold beads
  • The same principle as paint by numbers, but done with coloured crystals instead of paint
  • Apply some adhesive from the small pink pad onto the applicator tool to pick up the beads, then peel away part of the film and apply the crystals one colour at a time to see the image take shape before your eyes
  • Once your session is over, replace the film over the crystals and press lightly to further secure the beads to the adhesive
  • When your painting is done, you can remove the film and show your work with pride!
  • The perfect activity to bond with family and friends, painting by diamonds will allow you to create a wonderful work of art and spend time together
  • A wall decoration you will have made yourself, with pro-like results even without any prior experience
  • A thoughtful gift that would be hard to dislike
  • Painting by diamonds is a great way to fight stress and anxiety, and live in the present


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  • Dimensions: 20 x 25 cm
  • Bead shape: Round

Please note that the colours of these items may vary slightly from picture to reality

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