Exercise resistance bands 5-pc set - Taxes included – 54% off

$43.68   $19.99


  • 54% off a set of 5 exercise resistance bands - Taxes included
  • FIVE BANDS with a carrying pouch
  • The extra light and light bands are great for beginners, while the medium, heavy and extra heavy exercise bands are targeted towards intermediate to advanced strength training
  • Used by athletic trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors, and fitness professionals, Yogis, occupational therapists and massage therapists!
  • Made with premium, layered urethane latex for long-lasting durability
  • A great way to increase strength and tone up your glutes, calves, shoulder rotator cuffs and much more

  • Taxes included
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Resistance band dimensions

Circumference (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Resistance (lb)
Green 600 50 0.35 5-10
Blue 600 50 0.5 10-15
Yellow 600 50 0.7 15-20
Red 600 50 0.9 25-30
Black 600 50 1.1 30-40 

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