5-Spring Rubber Muscle Extender - Taxes included - 52% off

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  • 52% off on a 5-Spring Rubber Muscle Extender - Taxes included
  • 3 colours available: Black, Green and Red
  • A system designed to help you gain muscle mass and tone your body without having to go to the gym
  • Versatile tool for working the back, lats, shoulders, hamstrings, quads, forearms and triceps as well as the chest
  • Each spring is removable to adjust the resistance
  • The ergonomic handles offer a comfortable grip
  • Easy to incorporate in a pre-existing sports routine, helping you achieve higher gains and increase your strength
  • Adaptable and suitable for all levels: no need to be a sports guru to start a resistance band workout
  • An inexpensive way to stay in shape while having fun without having to leave your house!
  • Taxes included
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  • Materials : Rubber and Plastic
  • Length : Approx. 62 cm / 24.41 ""(not stretched)

Please note that the colours of these items may vary slightly from picture to reality 

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