LIQUIDATION! Multifunctional training wristband with heart rate monitor - Taxes included - 52% off

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Follow your progress from up close thanks to this multifunctional training wristband with heart rate monitor.

Start by downloading the Smart Wristband mobile app and you'll immediately be set to benefit from all the functionalities of this modern watch!

What you get

  • 52% off a multifunctional training wristband with heart rate monitor - Taxes included
  • 5 colours available: Navy Blue, Purple, Black, Turquoise and Orange
  • Featuring several useful functions: hour, pedometer, camera and heart rate monitor, calorie count, text message/call reception, and much more!
  • Its IP67 waterproof index means it will resist rain and water splashes, letting you enjoy your physical activity of choice regardless of bad weather
  • Equipped with a heart rate sensor on the inside surface
  • ***Receive and read your text messages directly on the wristband's screen thanks to the built-in Bluetooth functionality*** (This functionnality might not work with some iOS devices)
  • ***Whenever you get an incoming call, your wrist will vibrate and caller ID will let you know who's calling*** (This functionnality might not work with some iOS devices)
  • Its built-in USB charger, seamlessly hidden within the bracelet, lets you recharge your device by plugging it in any computer or USB wall outlet
  • Once the battery is full again, this bracelet becomes a true smart watch that will follow you through all your physical activities for several hours!
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  • Battery: Lithium 70 mAh
  • Built-in USB charger
  • Waterproof index: IP67
  • Compatibility: Bluetooth 4.4 enabled devices, Android devices versions 4.4 and above, AND iOS devices version 7.0 and above
  • Bracelet length: 210 mm
  • Weight: 25
  • Battery life on standby: 100 days
  • Battery life active use: 7 days
  • Material: TPU
  • Mobile app: Smart Wristband
  • App language: English

Please note that the colours of these items may vary slightly from picture to reality

***Please note that the text message feature might not work with some iOS devices***

Caution: the heart rate monitor information shown on this watch should not be treated as medical advice. This information can give you a general idea of your physical condition, but it cannot replace advice given by a professional health-care provider. If you have any specific questions about heart matters or you think you may be suffering from any medical condition, you should seek immediate medical attention from a doctor.

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