2 pack 100% WHEY + ISOLATE by ProteinCo and Bonus! - Taxes included - 27% off

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Less body fat and more muscle mass!

Take advantage of this healthy method to preserve your muscles, improve your immune system, lower your cholesterol and more!

What you get

  • 27% off your choice of 2 pack 100% WHEY + ISOLATE by ProteinCo and Bonus! - Taxes included
  • 3 options available: 1x Chocolate and 1x Vanilla, 2x Vanilla, and 2x Chocolate
  • Free gift: 1 shaker bottle of a random colour between black, red and white!
  • ProteinCo Canada offers you its superior quality Whey protein at an unbeatable price. Its top of the line formula contains a protein blend from isolate (WPI90) and whey concentrate (WPC80)
  • Whey protein is a tremendous source of amino acids including BCAAs
  • By keeping your body in positive nitrogen balance, you foster an environment for muscle development
  • Studies indicate whey protein concentrate may be better assimilated and utilized in the body due to the minimal processing, as opposed to whey protein isolate. It’s for this reason we include BOTH!
  • Canadian Whey's primary advantages are the amino acids needed to keep your muscle mass or help you build more if that’s your goal
  • Other advantages are the loss of fat and the muscle preservation, the strength increase, the decrease of hunger, the improving immune system and the lowering of cholesterol!


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  • Superior amino acid profile, no sugar, no trans-fat and gluten free
  • Content: 3.3 lbs / 1.5 kg per container
  • Shaker bottle capacity: 24 oz / 700 mL (BPA free material)
  • 24 g of Pure Whey Protein
  • Formulated with MCT (Keto-Friendly)
  • Fast absorbing blend of Whey Protein Isolate and Concentrate
  • Note: As long as you aren’t lactose intolerant, and don’t mind a few extra calories from fat and carbs, our 100% Whey Plus Isolate is your best choice

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