Reveal microdermabrasion device & Swirl brush bundle by Silk'n - Taxes included - 42% off

Microdermabrasion & Swirl brush bundle - 42% off on

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What you get

  • 42% off an at-home NuBrilliance diamond-tip microdermabrasion system - Taxes included 
  • This combination of the Silk’n Swirl brush and Reveal microdermabrasion device is a must-have to keep your skin feeling clean and fresh
  • Silk’n Reveal is a magical device for home microdermabrasion
  • The benefits are numerous: it improves skin texture and elasticity, blurs age spots, irregularities in the skin and acne scars
  • It softens fine lines and removes dead skin cells
  • The diamond peeling head and vacuum stimulation leave the skin smooth and younger-looking
  • Silk'n Swirl, a dual-speed facial brush, features soft, non-abrasive, micro bristles to refresh and exfoliate your skin, removing dirt, oil and makeup
  • The ergonomic handle and intuitive setting panel allows you to easily redirect the brush rotation, so you can get a relaxing, deep clean resembling a spa treatment in your home
  • Its gentle touch allows users to pair it with their favorite cleanser


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Treatment plan

  • To start, you should only pass the treatment tip over the same patch of skin two to four times
  • When your skin becomes accustomed to the treatment, you may increase the number of times to four to six
  • We’ve included 30 replacement filters to ensure you can get the greatest number of treatments from your device
  • You’ll notice the Silk’n Reveal also comes with a travel case for easy packing. This means you can keep up with treatments even when you’re on the road!

  • The Reveal comes with 2 treatment tips and 30 filters
  • The Swirl comes with 2 brush heads

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