SensEpil hair removal system by Silk'n - Taxes included - 26% off

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What you get

  • 26% off the revolutionary pulsed light SensEpil hair removal system by Silk’n - Taxes included
  • The SensEpil system comes with 1 base unit and applicator, 1 pre-installed lamp cartridge and 3 extra lamp cartridges with a capacity of 1500 pulses each (enough to remove the hair on your whole body), 1 user manual 1 quick start guide
  • Please note that your order will contain either a pink or orange SensEpil hair removal system, in a random fashion (refer to the carousel photos)
  • Easy to set up! Self-treatments are simple, quick and clean
  • Fraction of the cost of spa/salon treatments – with the same results!
  • Largest treatment spot size of any home-use device - treatments take only minutes for silky smooth skin without ingrown hairs or razor burn!
  • Forget about shaving every day or booking appointments for waxing. Get long-lasting results in the privacy of your own home
  • Free yourself from unwanted hair and annoying stubble, choose SensEpil today!


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Please note that SensEpil™ is not designed for everyone. Avoid using this product on naturally dark or newly tanned skin.

SensEpil is ideal for light skin and brown to black hair. It targets the pigment (melanin) in the hair, as well as lighter hairs that require more treatment sessions to show visible results. This product is not suitable for darker skin types. The SensEpil device is intended for full body treatments, most often including legs, underarms, arms and bikini area .

What Makes SensEpil Different?

LONG LIFE: The SensEpil comes with 4 cartridges at 1500 flashes each, which are enough to treat your entire body to become hair free.

FAST: Largest treatment spot size of any home-use device; full leg can be treated in less than 30 minutes, underarms in less than a minute!

GENTLE TO USE: Most people experience a warm, tingly sensation and no pain with each pulse. Energy levels are adjustable to suit your own comfort.

LONG TERM: Forget about shaving every day or booking appointments for waxing. Get long-lasting results in the privacy of your home.

Treatment schedule

  • Allow two weeks between the first four treatment sessions
  • After the fourth session, treat each area once a month or as hair grows back until the area is completely free of hair
  • For most women, permanent hair removal requires six to eight sessions
  • For most men, it takes an average of eight to ten treatment sessions

**Please be sure to read all safety instructions and steps to take for best results in the Instructions for Use.

In the box:

  • SensEpil Base and applicator
  • 1 pre-installed lamp cartridge and 3 additional lamp cartridges
  • User guide and quick start guide
  • Power cord