Set of 2 ÜB COOL cooling collars - Taxes included - 33% off

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What you get

  • 33% off a set of 2 ÜB COOL Cooling Collar - Taxes included
  • 3 colour combinations available: Grey & Blue, Grey & Grey and Grey & Pink
  • A totally unique towel that keeps you 12 Celsius cooler than the outdoor ambient temperature
  • The ÜB COOL PVA material is highly absorbent, and can absorb up to 8 times its weight in water
  • To activate the fabric, simply wet it... wring it... snap it. As long as the towel is wet, it will stay cool
  • Once wet, the towels produce a cooling effect with the help of simple evaporation
  • The towel is made from a single-ply fabric that uses multi-fibre construction with no chemicals, phase change materials nor polymers
  • One side of the towel has a smooth feel, while the other side has a waffle-like pattern design for you comfort
  • Cooling will typically last 3-4 hours
  • For colder results, place the activated towel in the freezer for 5 minutes (maximum) or you may keep it in the fridge overnight


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  • Dimensions: 80 x 17 cm
  • Material: PVA fibres
  • Special care: Do not put in the dryer

Please note that the colours of these items may vary slightly from picture to reality

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