Pack of 6 pairs of high compression socks - Taxes included - 62% off

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Running, biking and many such other strenuous physical activities can cause unpleasant muscle aches.

Compression socks are a great way to support muscles and joints during workouts and to fight soreness afterwards by improving blood flow and reducing inflammation.

They can also be very beneficial after long hours at the office or during air travel.

Made of comfortable fabric and boasting assorted colours, they’re great for men and women alike and will fit your feet like a glove! 

What you get

  • 62% off your choice of high compression socks 6-pack - Taxes included
  • 2 models available: V stripes or Coloured heel 
  • Both models are offered in 2 sizes: Small/Medium or Large/X-large
  • Each pack includes 6 pairs of assorted colour
  • The socks help to improve blood circulation and relieve aching and sore muscles
  • May help reduce swelling
  • Made of breathable material, they are comfortable and well-adjusted thanks to their knee length design
  • Featuring antimicrobial properties to help keep your feet odour-free
  • Ideal for running, cycling, long hours at the office, airplane trips and much more! 

  • Taxes included
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  • Compression level: 15 - 20 mmHg
  • Materials: 92% nylon / 8% spandex


  • Women’s shoe sizes: 6 - 9.5
  • Men’s shoe sizes: 5 - 9.5


  • Women’s shoe sizes: 10 - 13.5
  • Men’s shoe sizes: 10 - 12.5

Please note that the colours of these items may vary slightly from picture to reality