Computer LED light bar - Taxes included - 43% off

$80.47   $45.99


  • 43% off a computer LED light bar- Taxes included 
  • With its unique shape, structure design, and conical bracket, the strip can be installed on computer monitors of different thickness
  • With the dimmer, the brightness of the light can be changed from 10% to 100%
  • LED lighting is a great way to lower your electricity bill and have a positive impact on the environment
  • This practical lighting solution can be installed virtually anywhere you want by with perfect ease through the use of an adhesive strip and magnetic fields
  • Comes with a USB cable compatible with computers, phone chargers and portable power banks
  • Ideal for all those who like to work during the night!
  • Taxes included
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  • Dimensions: 40 cm (Light length)
  • Material: ABS + Aluminium
  • Colour temperature: white lights, warm white lights, natural white
  • Installation method: pendant type (suitable for 1-3cm thick computer monitor)

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