Memory foam cuddle pillow - Taxes included - 68% off

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  • 68% off your choice of memory foam cuddle pillow - Taxes included
  • 3 colours available: White, Grey and Pink
  • Sleep better! This pillow to maintain good alignment of your neck and spine, no matter what sleeping position you find yourself in &mdash on your side, back, stomach or face down!
  • This ergonomic arch design cuddle pillow's curved shape, suspension foam layer and cutting-edge brace system help to mitigate the pressure felt by your arms, neck and spine when you sleep or nap on your side
  • Cuddle pillow's provides spooning support, so the weight of your snuggle partner's head does not squash your arm or leg
  • It enables comfy cuddling for long hours, and allows the cuddler to easily slip out without disturbing the cuddlee
  • Resists microbes, dust mites and fungi
  • This lightweight pillow is great for travel, and can be used to prop up the neck when reading, watching TV, during car rides, and while camping or napping on a desk or airplane
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  • Dimensions: 35 x 30 x 6 cm
  • Care: Cover is machine washable / Do not wash pillow itself

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